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Operating Instructions

Step 1.
Indicator Light is illuminated in red.
Filling the Water Circuit:Once every two weeks, or when Water.
Step 2.
Press the right side of Front Plate to remove it from the Eye Mask.
Step 3.
Access the Fill Hole and remove the Fill Plug.
Step 4.
Connect the Eye Mask Fill Bottle to the Fill Hole.
Important: The Eye Mask should be held as shown
with the Fill Hole at the top.
Step 5.
Slowly squeeze and release the Eye Mask Fill Bottle several times and
then detach it from the Fill Hole.
Re-place the Fill Plug and Front Plate. (Remark 1)
Remark 1 : When performing step 4, air may be“sucked”back into the Eye Mask
Fill Bottle.
This is a normal and necessary process which helps to remove air from the Water
Circuit, allowing water from the Fill Bottle to flow into the Water Circuit.
Step 6.
Fill the Water Bottle to the MAX fill line. Do not over-fill.
Step 7.
Attach and lock the Water Bottle to the Controller by turning the
bottle counter-clockwise, as shown in the image.
Do not over-tighten.
Step 8.
Insert Headband hooks into the corresponding slots in the
Eye Mask, then pull back so that the Headband is locked in
place and secured.
Step 9.
Adjust the Headband tension so that the Eye Mask fits comfortably.
For best fit, adjust the Headband on the back of your head. Too
much tension from the Headband may cause the Silicone Water
Circuit to leave a temporary imprint on your face.
Step 10.
If a better fit is necessary, place the Nose Cushion on the nose
bridge support area of Water Circuit.
Step 11.
Press and Hold the Power button for 1 second to turn the product
ON - the power indicator LED willlight up. Then, choose Cool mode
or Warm mode and Vibration setting (Off, Mild, Strong).
(Remark 2)
Remark 2 : Never charge this product when the Water Bottle contains water.
Doing so may cause electric shock or fire due to a short circuit.
Step 12.
You may use the massager either seated (with the headband)
or laying down (with the eye mask resting comfortably
on your face.


The following people need to seek professional medical advice before using our product.
  • Persons with neurological disorders of the face or esthesiodermia.
  • Persons who have metal, silicon, or plastic implants in their face due to bone fractures or plastic surgery.
  • Persons who cannot sense heat.
  • Persons suffering from head or eye aftereffects due to traffic accidents, etc.
  • Persons with strong myopia (over-6D) (To check whether you have strong myopia, consult your doctor or check the description on the contact lens package.)
  • Persons who suffer from or have suffered from eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma, detached retina, fundus hemorrhage, floaters, etc).
  • Persons who have undergone eye surgery (persons who have recently undergone laser eye surgery should consult with their doctor before using this product.)
  • When you feel sick or have a fever.
  • When your skin is injured or you have eczema or a swelling ar ound your eyes.
  • When there are abnormalities on the skin such as dermatitis or extreme sunburn around your eyes.
  • Persons with allergic diathesis.
  • Persons with skin diseases or atopic diathesis.
  • Persons with sensitive skin.
  • Persons with irritated, painful, or uncomfortable skin or other parts of the body.
    - If used with these symptoms, Aurai may cause further discomfort and skin irritation.
  • Pregnant women should not use this appliance.
    - Hormone imbalance may cause skin problems.
  • Do not allow pets, children or infants to touch or operate th is product.
    - Doing so may cause burn, electric shock or injury.